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  • What is Sharim Israel?
    It is a music contest through which participants can express their connection to Israel and Zionism. Its first edition was in 2020; 110 artists were presented. ​
  • Who can participate?
    Anyone who accepts the participation conditions established in the contest rules attached on this page. Participation in the contest is open to any person or group of persons who are not residents of Israel and who have not obtained 1st or 2nd place in the previous edition of Sharim Israel. Minors under 18 years of age must receive authorization to participate from their guardians or parents - unless they appear together with their father-mother, guardian or responsible adult in the same group). At the time of a minor presenting the song, a model authorization will be sent to him so that it can be signed by those in charge of it.
  • How do I register and what are the dates?
    Participants must register for the contest through the following link The dates are announced in the "Calendar" of this page
  • Who wins prizes and what are they?
    Win prizes, the winners of the first three places, as voted by the public and the judges on the day of the final. In addition, the "chosen of the public" through facebook will win a prize as determined in the regulations. Other participants, even if they have reached the final, do not receive an award. Prizes are US$3,000, US$2,000 and US$1,000 for First, Second and Third place, respectively.
  • What do I have to present, how and when?
    Entrants must submit at least one ORIGINAL song of 3 minutes duration accompanied by an original video clip. The files must be sent via wetransfer or google drive through the form send song located on the registration page , contrary to mail indicating in the subject the name of the representative (as indicated in the registration) and the title of the song. In turn, the participant must attach a photograph that represents him for the contest. In case of being more than one registered member, they must send an excell table with the following data: Name, Surname, Year of Birth. (Place of residence if it is different from that of the undersigned -responsible adult). If minors who are children of responsible adults participate, please indicate in the table, next to the minor, "son/daughter of..." Minors must complete an authorization from one of their parents or guardians. The contestant must receive a confirmation of receipt of the material in writing, otherwise it is the contestant's responsibility to re-send it and confirm receipt. Material sent to recipients other than those mentioned here will not be accepted. The submission of the song for the 2021 edition is until July 30, 2021, 11:59 p.m. in Israel. Look at the entire calendar of the contest.
  • How are the songs selected? How to vote?
    The materials received pass a first selection. The judges score it and define who will be the finalists. In the final, the vote of the judges is worth 50% of the votes and the other 50% is the vote of the public. Every individual will be able to vote for their favorite song through this page in the "voting" section. The "likes" on facebook do not count towards the award of the contest, however there will be a prize for the "chosen of the public" through Facebook Sharim Israel.
  • Is the final live?
    The awards ceremony and public voting is live. Participant who reached the final instance, agrees to participate in said final live on the day established in the calendar site on this site; or send someone on your behalf.
  • In what language can I make the songs?
    In one or more of the following languages: Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese or English If it is a language other than the aforementioned or is not Spanish, its respective translation into Spanish must be sent.
  • Can they be just instrumental songs?
    Yes, although the absence of a letter will influence the score-evaluation, responding to the criteria (Annex I of the regulations)
  • Can a song be submitted without a video clip?
    No. Audio only files will not be accepted
  • ¿Puedo presentar una canción ya presentada a concurso?
    Si ya participaste del concurso en ediciones previas, puedes volver a presentarte siempre y cuando no hayas obtenido premiación en la edición anterior a la presente. Si tu canción llegó a la final en algunas de las ediciones previas NO podrás presentarla nuevamente. Si tu canción NO ha llegado a la final y tu canción no fue seleccionada, sí puedes volver a presentarla a concurso. Las canciones presentadas a Sharim Israel, deben ser inéditas y no pueden haber sido realizadas para otros concursos o publicadas previamente en forma masiva. Canciones inéditas presentadas solo en redes sociales del autor, en general, sí aplican al concurso. Será esto librado a criterio de los organizadores. Para más datos sobre este punto, te recomendamos leer el reglamento.
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